20 oz Frequency Tumbler Handle

Our products are imprinted with a symphony of twelve frequencies. When the water comes in contact with the frequency in the tumber it is instantly charged. When people drink the water the frequency floods the body and quickly reduces pain and anxiety. The results are absolutely amazing!!!
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Organic Bamboo/ Copper socks are not only designed for Diabetics but ideal for pain relief. Our products are imprinted with a symphony of twelve frequencies. Excellent natural remedy for planter fasciitis, neuropathy, circulation problems and diabetics. When the imprinted copper comes in contact with your skin because we are 75% water and a huge electrical system your body takes on our five blended frequencies. Due to the fact that your wearing a sock on each side it dramatically effects the left and right brain causing them to conduct and rapidly moves blood cells and oxygen. When this occurs it releases your cells to move freely in the body eliminating inflamation. The results are absolutely amazing!!

(25) Global Tattoos


Frequency Sleep Band

Global sleep bands are infused with with a low frequency for better sleep.

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This beautifully textured, 1.8 mm diamond cut rope style chain is a classic accessory with a shimmer.