Global Frequency | faqs

Some Facts About GFT

Do you have questions about frequancy bands? Cusrious about the science of Global Frequency Technology? Check out our FAQs.

How long does the frequency stay imprinted in my jewlery.
Once the jewlery has been imprinted with our 7.83hz it has a lifetime guarantee on the frequency. It will work just as well 10 years from now as it does today.
Do I have to where my jewlery all the time ?
Yes, we encourage you to wear your jewlery all the time. Einstein's theory is if you take a charged particle and touch it to a body of water no matter how large or small that body is it will take on that frequency. The human body is 83% water so we are an excellent conductor. The jewlery must be in contact with the skin to absorb the 7.83hz frequency.
Why Do You Need Global Frequency Technology?
In the era of “technology” that we presently live in, there is a hidden pollution that we do not hear, smell, touch, taste or feel. This pollution is referred to as EMF (electro-magnetic fields). These are caused by cell phones, microwaves, WiFi, power lines, etc. All of these foreign frequencies interrupt the signals in your brain trying to send messages (and energy) to all parts of your body. This is why we are weaker, unbalanced and more fatigued than we should be.
Can I have my own jewlery imprinted with the frequency?
Yes, we imprint jewlery daily for clients all over the world! Just send us an email and we will provide secure shipping instructions.
How Does Our Technology Work?
When the frequency technology comes into contact with your skin, through the water in your body, you are now resonating the same as the earth’s frequency, which is 7.83 hz. Thus the body can operate at its optimum efficiency and all signals are clear and are being sent properly. Once your body is utilizing its own energy it will reduce or eliminate body pain, regain your natural strength and balance, give you more energy, help you heal faster and aid in your quality of sleep. This will allow your body to completely ignore the thousands of EMF frequencies and let them pass through harmlessly
Can my jewelry get wet?
Yes, we encourage you to wear your jewelry all the time. You can wear it in the shower, washing the dishes, in the garden, yoga class, in the swimming pool, anywhere you want!