Global Frequency Technology Corp.
Global 3 in 1 Neck Massager

For Unisex
$125.00 USD

* Bracelets and anklets sized for plus sized men and woman at no extra charge.

The Global 3 in 1 Neck Massager is imprinted with 528HZ DNA HEALER

Our products are imprinted with a proprietary frequency blend.

 A massage that lets you unwind comfortably at your home after a tiring day and massages all muscle tension away from shoulders, neck and back is a blessing. The Global 3 in 1 neck massager has 3D massage rollers that work effectively on the affected area providing instant relief. With the functioning of the3D rollers resembling the movement of human hands while it massages your neck and shoulders, this massager is a true massage therapist. Equipped with the heating feature, it performs a kneading massage like a professional and soothes muscle pain. Aching shoulders or stiff neck, all have a cure at home with this 3 in 1 massager that increases blood circulation for instant recovery.
The cold and rainy days don’t have to be out aching shoulders or stiff necks anymore with the Global 3 in 1 neck massager which warms your body, loosens stiff muscles and leads you to a state of calm. The meticulous design of the massager is directed towards providing deep tissue relief with 3D massage nodes and dual direction kneading action. The angled design of the massager cradles your neck for a comfortable and targeted massage to soothe the affected area. Bring home this massager and unwind your days pain free with full curative effects of the massages.