Global Frequency Technology Corp.
Global Handheld Massager

For Unisex
$225.00 USD

* Bracelets and anklets sized for plus sized men and woman at no extra charge.

EASY RELIEF: Struggling with sore muscles on a regular basis? Then the Global Massage System multifunctional body massager is here to help. With 6 different attachments and a variable speed motor, you can target specific knots, aches and muscle soreness at home. 

ATTACHMENTS DESIGNED FOR TARGETING MUSCLE GROUPS: Other handheld massager guns don’t include special attachments to target specific muscle groups, which is why you’ll find that they can’t relieve some aches and pains efficiently. Global Massage System includes 6 different attachments designed to target areas including the upper back, shoulders, calves, thighs, backs of hands, palms, elbows, sides, abdomen, ankles, and more.

EASY TO USE ANYWHERE: Anyone can use the Global Massage System
with ease. The simple yet innovative design allows for a comfortable grip for any hand size and the compact measurements allow for the mini massager to be used anywhere at any time. 

DURABLE & STURDY DESIGN: Great care is taken with the assembly of every Global massager. Our products are reliable and durable - they’re purpose-built to relieve your muscle aches and pains with powerful, targeted massages.

NO MORE CRAMPS: Whether your sore muscles are cramping up, or your hands are cramping up from massaging your spouse - stop cramps for good. The ergonomic, easy to use Global Massage System makes it possible for anyone to relieve sore muscles and aches and pains regardless of their massaging skill or technique. 

Targets hard to get areas - light-weight and durable - easy to travel with - relieves muscle aches and soreness - 6 relief tested attachments.