Global Frequency Technology Corp.
Frequency Infused Copper Multi Use Wraps

For Unisex
$95.00 USD

* Bracelets and anklets sized for plus sized men and woman at no extra charge.

This universal wrap with frequency infused copper lining can be used on lower legs, knees, and forearms, increasing circulation aiding in the prevention and recovery of soreness and injuries.


  • Aid in the Recovery of injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Can aid in the relief of pain and discomfort from muscle stiffness, increasing productivity and recovery time through increased circulation
  • Frequency infused copper threads are woven into the lining
  • Unlike other copper garments on the market our copper is a thread interwoven in our fabric, it cannot be washed out which means you have frequency infused copper therapy working for you as long as you own your garment
  • Neoprene outer
  • Patent pending
  • Sold individually, NOT sold in pairs
  • Not recommended for turnout